Youth Dinner (2017)


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Youth Dinner (2017)

Liu Ren Wan Can, 六人晚餐

Movie , Drama , Family , Chinese | 100 Min

5.5 160 10 0


People send nickname "plant terminator" of the blood of youth Ding success (Dou Xiao ornaments) and iceberg beauty Lin Xiao Lan (Zhang Jun Ning ornaments) because of a plant youth between the war and encounter and dark feelings. At the same time, Ding successful father - single father Ding Bo Gang (Wu Gang decorated) with Lin Xiao-blue's mother - single mother Su Qin (Wu Junmei ornaments) to start a middle-aged love. With two single-parent families held six weekly meals, Ding success and Lin Xiao-han began a period of youthful flying and full of sad love story.


Chang Janine Unknown Role
Dou Shawn Unknown Role
Wu Vivian Unknown Role


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