Pandora (2016)


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Pandora (2016)


Movie , Drama , Thriller , Tragedy , Korean | 136 Min

5.7 489 10 0


The story of a small town blown apart by a disaster, as an unexpected earthquake hits the nuclear power plant. In the aftermath, Jae-Hyeok struggles to save his family and country.


Jung Jin Young Pyeong Seob Main Role
Kim Myung Min [South Korean President] Main Role
Kim Nam Gil Jae Hyeok Main Role
Oh Ye Seol [Rookie nurse] Supporting Role
Kim Young Ae Jae Hyeok's Mother Supporting Role
Yoo Seung Mok Kam Si Supporting Role
Kim Joo Hyun Yeon Ju Supporting Role
Kim Dae Myung Gil Seob (Jae Hyeok's Friend) Supporting Role
Kwak In Joon Chief External Affairs Officer Supporting Role
Kang Shin Il Gil Seob's Father Supporting Role
Lee Kyung Young Prime Minister Supporting Role
Jo Duk Hyun minister Supporting Role
Kim Hye Eun [First Lady] Supporting Role
Moon Jung Hee Jeong Hye Supporting Role
Ji Hyun Joon [Jae Hyeok's older brother] Supporting Role
Min Ji Hyuk [Chief bodyguard] Supporting Role
Joo Jin Mo minister Supporting Role
Song Young Kyu Guest Role
Park Sun Hee Kam Si's wife Guest Role
Jo Han Chul Guest Role
Kim Gun Gil Seob [Child] Guest Role
Kim Jong Goo minister Guest Role


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