The No No Girl (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Romance , HK | Episodes 20

5.9 118 10 0


Law Lai Jing's love life has been full of thorns. She is over 40 years old and still busy dealing with her ex-boyfriend's debts of gratitude. With no house and no job, and having experienced a woman's most painful of being abandoned by the groom on her wedding day, Law Lai Jing has no choice but to participate in a comeback competition organized by a hotel for the biggest losers. She hopes that it will lead to a stable job and income. It turns out that the event organizer is Chong Fu Ho, whom she had a one-night stand with many years ago. He appears to have forgotten about her. They develop a good employer-employee relationship. Chong Fu Ho's son, Chong Juan Wing, was originally the general manager of the hotel, but is demoted to trainee after angering his father. With help and advice from Law Lai Jing, Chong Juan Wing is able to gradually improve his relationship with his father. Chong Juan Wing loses his direction when he falls in love with a mysterious girl, fellow trainee Mui Sze. On one hand, she is a rival; on the other hand, he wants to love and protect her. More ironically, when Chong Fu Ho inadvertently discovers that Law Lai Jing was the girl that he had a one-night stand with, he immediately changes the rules to turn it into an elimination competition. It changes everyone's relationship as they compete against each other. The circumstances force a "nothing woman" to make a resolution...


Cheung Eddie Chong Fu Ho / "Richmond" Main Role
Cheung Owen Chong Chun Wing / "Wayne" Main Role
Chan Nadia Law Lai Ching Main Role
Chan Jeannie Miu Si / "Muse" Main Role
Hui Jack Bak Ka Llok Supporting Role
Yeung Griselda Sha Lin Na / "Lina" Supporting Role
Yeow Eileen Law Lai Chi Supporting Role
Cheng Rocky Fan Tai Tang / "Titin" Supporting Role
Wong Erin Fan Tai Hei / "Hazel" | Choi Siu Yau Supporting Role
Fan Amy Sin Chi Keung / "CK" Supporting Role
Tse Brian Ko Sum / "Sam" Supporting Role
Cheng Timothy Kung Suen Fun Du Supporting Role
Lam Mandy Mo Yung Fong On Supporting Role
Chuk Samantha Au Yeung Hill Tak Supporting Role
Dai Sunny Bo Fei Supporting Role
Law Helena Dina Buffet Supporting Role
Cheung Max Tong Fun Yuen / "Fantastic" Supporting Role
Yip Fanny Sze Ma Mei Sing Supporting Role


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