Teacher Gangstar (2014)


Teacher Gangstar (2014)

Shen Xian Lao Shi Gou, 神仙·老師·狗

Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Life , Psychological , School , Taiwan | Episodes 30

5.7 325 10 0


Meng Xiao Hu, the adopted son of a gang leader, loves history, fighting, and women. On the day of his graduation for his master degree on history, he accidentally falls from a building and crushes a dog after fighting his enemy. The earth god gives him a second chance at life because he had tried to get one of his underlings to save the dog in his last moments. However, his punishment for leading a perverted life is that if he tries to make moves on a woman, he turns into a dog.


Wang Chloe He Mei Gui Main Role
Fan Guang Yao Tu Di Gong Main Role
Lee Angela Wu Yue Liang Main Role
Yang Weber Meng Xiao Hu Main Role
Lee Melanie Tao Zi Qing Supporting Role
Lee Sean Tong Ji Fan Supporting Role
Gao Yu Lin Da Shan Supporting Role
Lin Neve Xiao Xiao Supporting Role
Lin Yi Xun Mai Da Lin Supporting Role
Huang Michael Mai Qing He Supporting Role
Huang Ivon Mei Zhen Supporting Role
Chao Allen Ren Wo Xing Supporting Role
Guo Chris Zhong Nan Hai Supporting Role
Chang Seanna Ren Xuan Supporting Role
Ou Yang Oreo San Jing Yi Supporting Role
Lai Jason Ceng Zhi Ming / Zhuang Yue Han Supporting Role
Hsu David Han Gang "Andy" Supporting Role
Chung Cathy San Jing Ying Tao Supporting Role
Ge Wei Ru Ong Yu Jie Supporting Role
Shih Jay Zhuang Yue Han Supporting Role
Chao Jet Ruan Yi Tian Supporting Role
Fang Beatrice Ren Ying Ying Supporting Role
Chang Mini Xu Ai Xin Supporting Role
Zhu Lu Hao Zhuang Fu Supporting Role
Chen Allen Hank Supporting Role
Zhang Qiong Zi Yu Zi Ji Supporting Role
Shao Monkey Guest Role


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