Shine or Go Crazy (2015)

Bitnageona Michigeona, 빛나거나 미치거나

Drama , Historical , Romance , Supernatural , Korean | Episodes 24

6.3 322 10 0


The drama is about a Goryeo-era prince who is first in succession for the throne. He belongs to a royal secret society, and is dogged his whole life by a prophecy that he will turn Goryeo into an ocean of blood someday. His character is meticulous and bold, and is especially good at making quick decisions on his feet. The heroine is the last princess from Balhae (there are only eight years of overlap in these two kingdoms), and is skilled in many areas, including astronomy, geography, and the art of war. She’s fated to bring light to the Goryeo prince, and she’s described as spunky and wise, and a believer in fated love. The drama will depict their palace romance, between a cursed prince and a princess of a lost nation.


Lee Ha Nui Princess Hwang Bo Yeo Won Main Role
Oh Yeon Seo Shin Yool [Princess of Balhae] Main Role
Jang Hyuk Wang So [Prince of Goryeo] Main Role
Kim Sun Young Baek Myo Supporting Role
Ji Eun Sung Wang Won Supporting Role
Kim Jin Ho Park Soo Kyung Supporting Role
Shin Seung Hwan Gil Bok Supporting Role
Kim Byung Ok Ji Mong Supporting Role
Lee Duk Hwa Wang Shik Ryum Supporting Role
Lee Jung Hoon Yoo Kwon Yool Supporting Role
Jung Woo Shik Kyeong Supporting Role
Yeo Eui Joo Wang Jong Supporting Role
Ji Soo Won Empress Dowager Yoo Supporting Role
Na Jong Chan Se Won Supporting Role
Kang Ki Young Wang Pung Supporting Role
Jin Seo Yun Geum Sun Supporting Role
Ahn Kil Kang Kang Myung Supporting Role
Nam Kyung Eup Wang Geon Supporting Role
Im Joo Hwan Prince Wang Wook [Yeo Won's brother] Supporting Role
Lee Eun Woo Choon Ah Supporting Role
Park Hyun Woo Park Sool Supporting Role
Ryu Seung Soo Jung Jong Supporting Role
Heo Jung Min Yang Gyu Dal Supporting Role
Song Young Jae Yoo Mok Won Supporting Role
Kim Roe Ha Eun Chun Supporting Role
Kim Bup Rae Kwak Jang Goon Supporting Role
Ahn Suk Hwan Kim Jong Shik Supporting Role
Seo Beom Seok Wang Gyo Supporting Role
Park Sun Ho Wang Wi Supporting Role
Kim Young Sun Yeom Shil Supporting Role
Woo Sang Jun Hwang Bo Je Gong Supporting Role
Kim Kwang Shik Baek Choong Hyeon Supporting Role
Hwang Ji Ni Ryeong Hwa Supporting Role
Choi Jae Ho Hwang Gyu Ui Supporting Role
Lee Shi Hoo Guest Role
Kim Seo Kyung [Groom] Guest Role
Jo Jae Ryong [Meadow-brown man] Guest Role
Kim Ha Yoo [Little princess] Guest Role
Choi Gwi Hwa Guest Role
Jun Jae Hyung Na Moo Unknown Role
Park Hyun Woo Park Sool Unknown Role


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