Majisuka gakuen 4 (2015)

マジすか学園 4

Drama , Action , Friendship , School , Japanese | Episodes 10

6 144 10 0


Majisuka High is an all-girls school that is full of delinquents and is constructed of dysfunctional classrooms that have no discipline whatsoever. There is constant physical fighting within the school walls sprayed with graffiti, and students take naps on the littered floors of the school. But here in this jungle, a group of girls called the "Rappapa" are the claimed leaders as they have won their position by fist. Being the strongest in fist-fights is indeed the social currency at this deteriorating school. The leader of the Rappapa pack is Salt; she reigns as the queen of the chaotic hierarchy. But one day, a new student, Sakura is transferred to Majisuka High with an aim to overthrow Salt and take over the school. On first glance, she looks like a student who would make the honor roll, vulnerable, and easily beatable. Yet, when the second year groupie, Team Hinabe, pick a fight with her, they find out that she is someone who should not be trifled with... at all!


Miyawaki Sakura Miyawaki Sakura Main Role
Shimazaki Haruka Salt Main Role
Yokoyama Yui Otabe Supporting Role
Kizaki Yuria Magic Supporting Role
Iriyama Anna Yoga Supporting Role
Takahashi Minami Minami Supporting Role
Yamamoto Sayaka Antonio Supporting Role
Watanabe Miyuki Kobi Supporting Role
Kojima Mako Kamisori Supporting Role
Owada Nana Zombie Supporting Role
Takahashi Juri Uonome Supporting Role
Kato Rena Dodobusu Supporting Role
Oshima Ryoka Kusogaki Supporting Role
Mukaichi Mion Jisedai Supporting Role
Uchiyama Natsuki Kenpou Supporting Role
Suda Akari Tsurishi Supporting Role
Tani Marika KY Supporting Role
Matsumura Kaori Zakoboss Supporting Role
Shiroma Miru Shirogiku Supporting Role
Kawaei Rina Bakamono Supporting Role
Kojima Haruna Kojiharu (Ep. 1) Guest Role
Sashihara Rino Scandal (Ep. 1) Guest Role
Nachu Onizuka Daruma (Ep. 6) Guest Role
Matsui Jurina Center (Ep. 9) Guest Role
Watanabe Mayu Nezumi (Ep. 10) Guest Role


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